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Unique hand cut  2.5mm  ungraduated bevelled edge set squares with inking edge   conform to the same ISO and BSI standards as above yet are only fractionally more in price than ejection moulded plastic set squares.Accurate, extemely strong, they are ideal for students.

U.2606B 6" 15cm A(30/60)

U.2406B 6" 15cm B(45/90)

U.2608B 8" 20cm A(30/60)

U.2408B 8"20cm B(45/90)

U.2610B 10"25cm A(60/60)

U.2410B 10" 25cm B(45/90)

U.2612B 12"30cm A(30/60)

U.2412B 12"30cm B(45/90)


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