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Top 5 Tips to Get More Ideas For Your Suggestion Box

Tuesday, 09 September 2014

A suggestion box system is a great and easy way for you to tap into your customers’ ideas and improve your business. But without a steady flow of customer suggestions, your suggestion box system won’t be successful.

So, how do you get more ideas from your customers? These five tips can help:

  1. Publicise Your Suggestion Box System
    It is important that your customers know about your suggestion box system, what it is, and how to use it. To achieve this, make sure to publicise your suggestion box system. Also, tell your customers why their ideas matter and why you want to hear their ideas. Make them excited about your suggestion box system to encourage more ideas.
  2. Encourage All Ideas
    Don’t limit the number of suggestions by putting too many constraints. Let your customers know that you’re interested in any suggestions that they think will help your company.
  3. Show Active Interest in Customer Suggestions
    Most customers wouldn’t continue to submit suggestions if the manager didn’t show interest in the suggestions. Showing active interest in their suggestions can encourage your customers to submit more suggestions that can benefit your organisation.
  4. Include Everyone From All Departments, Not Just Customers
    Let everyone in on the game. Employees in each department bring a different perspective, and new ideas to improve processes and products.
  5. Give Helpful Feedback
    Giving feedback to your customers not only shows your customers that you’re actually paying attention to their suggestions, but you’re also guiding them toward submitting more valuable suggestions. Find more on suggestion boxes here


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